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A brush with St Trinians

Back story

A few years ago I took a few girls including my daughter to act as extras on an Ealing Studios St Trinians film.

I took advantage of the situation and spent the day drawing everyone on set. I worked very fast using a brush pen which resulted in a large number of drawings that I have been converting in to etchings over the last few years. The development process is very complex involving the creation of plates using intaglio print processes. All prints are created by hand at The Oxford Print Workshop. On this page you can view, the drawings and photographs of the plates and prints during development.

If you have any questions or wish to purchase an original contact me using the contact details on the Contact page.

Other Print Editions


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Print Editions Available for Sale

View a range of limited edition prints available for sale. All prints are etchings created using a intaglio print processes with multiple plates and (chine-colle) papers. Please contact William Rowsell direct to make a purchase.