New hedgerow Sumi-e watercolour paintings

A new series of landscape watercolour paintings inspired by the ancient sumi-e painting techniques using traditional Chinese paper, brushes, paints and inks.

I have been painting a new series of watercolour paintings using Hanemuhle 80gsm rice paper and Chinese watercolours and inks. The paintings involve building up many layers of subtle loose tones before applying definition with strong inks. The images are very soft due to the absorbency of the paper that is very thin and absorbent. I am aiming to paint a large range of landscapes concentrating on the small things that we miss. If you look closer at our hedgerows it it teeming with texture and interest to inspire the artist. All of the paintings will be added to my painting section on this site in my Gallery. The paintings are all stretched using starch paste  on heavy watercolour paper and passed through the press at The Oxford Printmakers where I am a full member.


Crabapples in Spetember