The Speedicut Papers

William Rowsell illustrates The Speedicut Papers. “The discovery of the writings of Jasper Speedicut…was hailed by historians yesterday as the greatest such find in 50 years.” Thomas Arnold in The Times, 1st April 2013

The Speedicut Papers, which were discovered by the Editor in 2010 in the basement of the New Walk Museum, Leicester, recount in very frank detail the life, loves and adventures of Jasper Speedicut: charmer, sexual libertine, reluctant hero – and friend of the self-styled Brigadier General Sir Harry Flashman VC.

Comprising a series of linked adventures and anecdotes, The Speedicut Papers lift the lid on a veritable cesspit of upper class debauchery that makes Downton Abbey look like a vicarage tea party. They are also a unique account of Speedicut’s involvement in some of the greatest – and also some long forgotten – events in the British Empire and beyond during the period 1821 – 1915.

To the considerable consternation of contemporary historians, The Speedicut Papers will reveal the shocking facts behind many previously unexplained historical incidents including the Charge of the Light Brigade, the sacking of the Emperor of China’s Summer Palace, the assassination of President Lincoln, the fall of the Mexican Empire, the destruction of the Tuileries Palace, the death of General Gordon and the executions of Mata Hari and Nurse Edith Cavell. They also reveal many facts which the Royal Families of Britain, Prussia, Russia, Austria, France and Bavaria would have preferred remained secret.

The Speedicut Papers will be published in 10 volumes between April 2013 and November 2017 and will be available in hard cover, paperback and e-book editions.

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