by William Rowsell

See a range of paintings in a variety of media and techniques including Oil, watercolor, gouache, Sumi watercolor, acrylic and inks.

Welcome to my fashion accessories range.

Over the last 3 years I have developed a style of landscape painting using traditional Japanese papers, inks and watercolor paints using the English landscape in and around my home as the subject for my fabric designs. I look into the landscape at the hedgerows, trees and focus on the beauty of things at the small scale. The painting medium and papers I use are highly absorbent and dont allow you to be fussy or have a second chance when making a mark. This forces you to think very hard about each mark you make and go with the accidents that occur on the paper such as the bleed of ink as it runs. The result is a free expression of the world around me. I hold no preconceived ideas about how any picture will turn out and just work with it as it emerges. I process the paintings digitally when developing the scarf designs and add extra layers and complexity. I see each design as a unique iteration of the initial element of the landscape that took my eye.

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(available in a variety of fabrics such as modal silk blend, silk twill, satin chiffon, cashmere blend, silk squares, cashmere silk or 100% wool).

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