Sumi Allium Pink Sunshine Silk Scarf
Sumi Allium Pink Sunshine Silk Scarf

An exclusive luxury 100% silk scarf design by William Rowsell.
Wear this beautiful scarf indoors or out, day and night to elevate any part of your wardrobe.

Habotai Silk (made in the UK).
Habotai is a soft, glossy, medium weight silk. Habutai or Habotai (from the Japanese habutae, literally "feather-two-layer) is one of the most basic plain weaves of silk fabric. While it was traditionally woven in Japan, most Habutai is today woven in China.

Handwash or dry clean only

Design inspiration

This scarf design is based upon a unique piece of art created in Japanese ink and watecolour by William Rowsell on traditional Japanese handmade paper. The image was inspired by the Alliums in my garden. If you look close up to them you begin to see the complexity of form. They look amazing when you silhouette them against the sun.

Fabric options
All scarf designs can be printed upon any of the fabrics in the scarf ranges shown on my site. If you have a specific favourite contact me and I can take an order to fit your preference.

More Info
Rowsell Design Ltd
76cm x 126cm