Sumi Red September Rosehips Silk Scarf
The Sumi Red September Rosehips scarf designed by William Rowsells. Printed on 100% Sandwashed Habotai silk in the UK.
William Rowsell
76cm x 126cm

An exclusive luxury 100% silk scarf designed by William Rowsell.
Wear this beautiful scarf indoors or out, day and night to elevate any part of your wardrobe.

Sandwashed Habotai (printed in the UK).
Habotai is one of the most basic plain weaves of silk fabric. While it was traditionally woven in Japan, most Habutai is today woven in China. Habutai is a lightweight, shimmering material once used mainly for making silk kimonos. This blend has a wonderful weight to it and drapes beautifully (does not slip) when tied around your neck.

Fabric options
All scarf designs can be printed upon any of the fabrics in the scarf ranges shown on my site. If you have a specific favourite contact me and I can take an order to fit your preference. I can source all weights and blends. The print quality will vary though based upon the individual nature of each fabric.

Dry clean only

Design inspiration:

This scarf design is based upon a painting of the rose hips found in the hedgerows in the fields around my house in Buckinghamshire in England. In September time there is a wonderful range of colours to be found with the bright red of the rosehips standing out against the deep greens and yellows of the surrounding foliage as it turns into the autumn colors. For this scarf design I have concentrated on a palette that excentuates the orange-red of the fruit. The original paintings are done on handmade Japanese papers using traditional inks and watercolours in the Sumi style. Visit my paintings to see the original inspiration for this scarf design.


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